Directed by Hark-joon Lee

South Korea/ 2013/82 mins

Journalist Hark-joon Lee , previously best-known for reportage on refugees from North Korea, gained extraordinary access to the inner workings of K-pop agency Star Empire, and spent a year observing the casting, training and attempted launch of the new girl-group 9 Muses. Capturing all the onstage moves and backstage drama, Lee tells a tale of injuries, rivalries, and betrayals as nine girls pursue their dream of stardom and reconsider the price of fame. It’s a story of corporate ruthlessness, abusive managers, hushed-up affairs, and persevering through illness and tears – because if you don’t, there’s always another girl waiting to take your place.


Vancouver IFF

Documentary Edge Festival

Sound + Vision

Nine Muses and their managers are compelling characters, and the film is a fascinating look into this particular showbiz industry, and a further introduction to K-pop for the West. – Indiewire