A film by: Don Argott & Demian Fenton
Documentary / 90 Minutes – Color HD – English/USA 2011

Bobby Liebling, front man of the hard rock band Pentagram, is more dead than alive when the camera picks him up in his parents’ basement. In the midst of the mess that he calls home, Liebling smokes his crack pipe and mumbles about the hard rock days of time past. At the end of the 1980s, things looked promising for Liebling and his band. But bad luck and trouble pursued them: record deals gone wrong, internal disagreements, and last but not least, Liebling’s tendency toward self-destruction. Until Sean “Pellet” Pelletier, hard rock enthusiast and passionate record collector,buys a second-hand Pentagram record, experiences a sort of revelation, and makes it his personal mission to resurrect Bobby Liebling. He goes looking for his idol, becomes his friend, and does his utmost to get Liebling back onstage. By means of archive footage and interviews, this portrait reveals how tough it is for Liebling to defeat his demons. At center stage are Pentagram’s diminished existence and Liebling’s destructive addition, but also the unbelievable devotion with which Pellet tries to pep him up.When asked about meeting Liebling, Pellet has this to say: “It’s like… being a devout Christian and walking down the street one day and bumping into Jesus and he knows your name, and shakes your hand and he asks you over for dinner and drinks.”

Copenhell 2012
Docville 2012
Night Visions 2012
Tampere 2012
Idfa 2011
Cph:Dox 2011
Bfi 2011
In-Edit Barcelona 2011
Fantasia Film Festival 2011
Independent Film Festival Boston 2011
Sarasota Film Festival 2011
Sxsw Film Festival 2011
The Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2011
Sidney Underground Film Festival 2011

Winner Best Documentary Independent Film Festival Boston 2011
Winner Best International Music Documentary In-Edit Barcelona 2011
Best Music Documentary Idfa 2011